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Poema S6 052 | Fundamentalism, Politics & Religion with Stephanie McCown

Poema S6 052 | Fundamentalism, Politics & Religion with Stephanie McCown

October 30, 2020

Today my friend Stephanie McCown joins me to discuss fundamentalism and its impact on politics and faith in both the UK and US. 

In particular we discuss progressive fundamentalism, which has grown and become more toxic, more abusive and more damaging as time as gone on - both to individuals, the church and our politics. We also share our own experiences and perspectives on this politically from our respective countries, talk about the progressive "purity test" and a lot more.

We then move to explore this in context of the story of Jesus, who Jesus was and what he stood for - and find a striking metaphor for today's world from Jesus story, and from a popular movie franchise. And explore what a more inclusive, non-dualistic, non-fundamentalist faith and politics might look like - and where we are finding hope. 

This episode releases 4 days before the 2020 US Presidential election - and feels more timely than ever.

Poema S6 051 | Irene M Cho on Finding the Inbetween

Poema S6 051 | Irene M Cho on Finding the Inbetween

October 26, 2020

Today I'm joined Irene Cho. Irene is a national speaker, writer, consultant, and advisor, focusing predominantly on youth identity and faith development, race and diversity, organizational leadership, and women in leadership. 

In this episode Irene shares her experiences of white evangelical Christianity, and this was contrasting with her own education and understanding of the way of Jesus. She talks about how she was exposed to a variety of different theological perspectives of God, and how this has impacted her and her work.

Irene shares her own perspective on God, and how she believes he looks at the world with what is happening in 2020. She then talks about the capitalist, evangelical, patriarchal system we live in, and its systemic racism, and her own experiences of this system.

Irene goes on to talk about what action we can take to tear down this corrupt system and create a world, a system which is loving, inclusive, just and more in tune with the true way of Jesus.

Poema S6 050 | D.L. Mayfield on the Myth of the American Dream

Poema S6 050 | D.L. Mayfield on the Myth of the American Dream

October 19, 2020

Today author D.L. Mayfield joins me to discuss her book 'The Myth of the American Dream' and her journey out of the evangelical/capitalist system into a deeper awareness of what the commands of Jesus really mean for us. 

D.L shares how the idea of the way of Jesus preached by evangelicalism and the system it supports, contrast so much with the basic commands of Jesus - to love our neighbour. She then explores four dimensions to we this - affluence, autonomy, safety, and power - and the uncomfortable truth of who white privileged Christians might really be in the Jesus story.

She talks about privilege, and her experience of how when the system benefits us, it can blind us to the lived experience of reality of how things really are for the oppressed and marginalised. And then, where that leaves people who want to be truly faithful to the teachings of Jesus. 


Poema S6 049 | Suzanne DeWitt Hall on Sex with God

Poema S6 049 | Suzanne DeWitt Hall on Sex with God

October 15, 2020

Today author Suzanne DeWitt Hall joins me to talk about her new book 'Sex with God: Meditations on the sacred nature of sex in a post-purity-culture world '

Suzanne shares her own story, experiences in purity culture and the impact it had on her and her faith. She also talks about how she broke free of purity culture and discovered a healthy, sacred sexual ethic.

Then Suzanne dives deep into exploring how we can invite God into our sex lives, and how can transform sexual intimacy into an experience with and in worship to the divine. 

Poema S6 048 | Jamie Lee Finch on Why Your Body is a Person

Poema S6 048 | Jamie Lee Finch on Why Your Body is a Person

October 12, 2020

Today my friend, embodiment coach Jamie Lee Finch, joins me to discuss how we can become fully embodied, to connect more fully with ourselves and our bodies.

Jamie talks about the big shift from seeing our bodies not as an it, but a he/she/they - a person, and the profound impact it can have on our own personal journeys. She talks about how we learn to listen to and respond our bodies as they speak to us, and the transformation she had in her own life when she learned to do this, and how she's seen this in her clients.

We also discuss my experience of doing this in my work with Jamie, and the real time change which can happen in so many aspects of our being, including our mental and emotional health, and in escaping toxic purity culture. 

Jamie also shares some simple, practical steps we can all take to begin doing this work, and knowing and listening to our bodies better.

Jamie's work has been transformative for me - I know it can be for you too.

Poema S6 047 | Shelby Forsythia on Your Grief, Your Way

Poema S6 047 | Shelby Forsythia on Your Grief, Your Way

October 5, 2020

Today my friend, author intuitive grief guide Shelby Forsythia, returns to the podcast. Together we discuss and our collective grief experiences of 2020, both from our own individual perspectives and from a broader perspective.

Shelby tells us about healthy ways of naming and processing our grief, the knowing before the knowing, the grief before the grief, and grieving people we've never met but who've inspired us.

We also explore how this years collective grief, can trigger familiar grief responses. Shelby talks about her new book of reflections for grievers, with a reading from the book, and how people can use these to help with the grieving process.

Shelby also shares how grief never leaves us, and how we can build a healthy relationship with our grief. We also discuss our shared experience of losing a mother, the unique type of loss this can be, and how we all process grief differently. 

There's also some fun intuitive comments from Shelby which were uncanny in relation to my own story - and there was a real sense of solidarity, with two friends who've both lost a mother, sharing our stories together. 


Get Shelby's new book 'Your Grief Your Way' on all online booksellers & Audible now.

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