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Poema S6 050 | D.L. Mayfield on the Myth of the American Dream

October 19, 2020

Today author D.L. Mayfield joins me to discuss her book 'The Myth of the American Dream' and her journey out of the evangelical/capitalist system into a deeper awareness of what the commands of Jesus really mean for us. 

D.L shares how the idea of the way of Jesus preached by evangelicalism and the system it supports, contrast so much with the basic commands of Jesus - to love our neighbour. She then explores four dimensions to we this - affluence, autonomy, safety, and power - and the uncomfortable truth of who white privileged Christians might really be in the Jesus story.

She talks about privilege, and her experience of how when the system benefits us, it can blind us to the lived experience of reality of how things really are for the oppressed and marginalised. And then, where that leaves people who want to be truly faithful to the teachings of Jesus. 


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