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Episode 46 | Spiral Dynamics with Dr Don Beck

Episode 46 | Spiral Dynamics with Dr Don Beck

May 24, 2016

Dr Don Beck, who joins me today, is a leading authority on Spiral Dynamics. This is a theory about the development of human consciousness, and the human journey. It divides the human journey up into 2 levels of consciousness, and within those two levels are different stages, all of which are part of both our individual journeys, and the journey of humanity as a whole. 

Don and I outline these different stages in a very basic way, how they have unfolded through history and we discuss how this revolutionary concept is tied into politics, culture, faith, church, and creativity. We in particularly consider the political situation in America & the world right now, and what the theory means for church and the Christian faith.

Finally, we discuss how we are meant to transcend and include all the different stages, and use the best of each stages, to come to a more unified, inclusive church, life, and world.

I'm still at the beginning of this journey myself, and it's already blown my mind. I think Don's going to blow your mind too. 


For more on Spiral Dymanics check out SpiralDynamics.com & to understand stages of consciousness (which are all colour coded), go here, or download this PDF: 


Episode 45 | Jory Micah & Breaking The Glass Steeple Of Gender Equality

Episode 45 | Jory Micah & Breaking The Glass Steeple Of Gender Equality

May 17, 2016

Jory Micah joins me today to share her own story, and discuss the important issue of gender inequality in the church today. We discuss her own vision, and what gender equality looks like for Jory in her day to day life, marriage and church. 

Jory then shares some practical steps we can take against patriarchy in our own churches or Christian communities, understanding the different perspectives on this issue, and finally offers genuine hope to those who are in the midst of this struggle in their own communities. 

Jory has such a passion & heart for this subject, and those who suffer as a result of patriarchy in the church and culture, and it really shines through in our conversation. It's really worth a listen. 


Jory blogs about this issue regularly at her site JoryMicah.com & is currently writing a book on this subject. You can follow her on Twitter at @JoryMicah
Episode 44 | Deconstructing Faith with The Deconstructionists

Episode 44 | Deconstructing Faith with The Deconstructionists

May 10, 2016

John Williamson and Adam Narloch, AKA The Deconstructionists join me today. John & Adam are two friends with a nerdy passion for discovery, deconstruction, grace, acceptance, authenticity and humble wrestling. They run a hugely successful podcast, 'The Deconstructionists' where they discuss this themselves & with guests. 

Today they share their story, and in the process we talk about faith, doubt, certainty, and how to hold our faith - even those things we are certain of - with open hands, so we can keep on growing & deepening our spirituality.

John & Adam are top dudes with great wisdom, insight and enthusiasm - join us today & you'll learn so much from them, as I did. 


(NB: Apologies, later on in the show we had an issues with sound quality - keep listening, it works itself out!)
Episode 43 | Alexander Shaia & The Four Stages Of Quadratos

Episode 43 | Alexander Shaia & The Four Stages Of Quadratos

May 3, 2016

Alexander Shaia joins me today to explore a revolutionary way of reading & understanding the gospels which he calls 'Quadratos' - a four fold journey of identity & transformation. 

We explore how this journey takes us back to Jesus as 'the' Christ, and opens us to read the gospels in the ancient & now restored sequence for Sunday worship - and as we do, to understand what these books really meant to those who read them.
Finally, we explore the four stages of the Quadratos journey:

First Path: How do we face change? - Matthew

Second Path: How do we move through suffering? - Mark

Third Path: How do we receive joy? - John

Fourth Path: How do we mature in service? - Luke

Join me and Alexander as we explore this journey - it could transform how you read & understand the gospels - and scripture itself - forever. 

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