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Episode 43 | Alexander Shaia & The Four Stages Of Quadratos

May 3, 2016

Alexander Shaia joins me today to explore a revolutionary way of reading & understanding the gospels which he calls 'Quadratos' - a four fold journey of identity & transformation. 

We explore how this journey takes us back to Jesus as 'the' Christ, and opens us to read the gospels in the ancient & now restored sequence for Sunday worship - and as we do, to understand what these books really meant to those who read them.
Finally, we explore the four stages of the Quadratos journey:

First Path: How do we face change? - Matthew

Second Path: How do we move through suffering? - Mark

Third Path: How do we receive joy? - John

Fourth Path: How do we mature in service? - Luke

Join me and Alexander as we explore this journey - it could transform how you read & understand the gospels - and scripture itself - forever. 

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