Poema Podcast

Episode 44 | Deconstructing Faith with The Deconstructionists

May 10, 2016

John Williamson and Adam Narloch, AKA The Deconstructionists join me today. John & Adam are two friends with a nerdy passion for discovery, deconstruction, grace, acceptance, authenticity and humble wrestling. They run a hugely successful podcast, 'The Deconstructionists' where they discuss this themselves & with guests. 

Today they share their story, and in the process we talk about faith, doubt, certainty, and how to hold our faith - even those things we are certain of - with open hands, so we can keep on growing & deepening our spirituality.

John & Adam are top dudes with great wisdom, insight and enthusiasm - join us today & you'll learn so much from them, as I did. 


(NB: Apologies, later on in the show we had an issues with sound quality - keep listening, it works itself out!)

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