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Episode 68 | Kyle Strobel & The Beloved Dust

Episode 68 | Kyle Strobel & The Beloved Dust

October 26, 2016

Kyle Strobel, teacher, writer and preacher, joins me today. He is the assistant professor of Spiritual Theology and Formation at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and helped start Metamorpha Ministries. He's also author of several books, including 'Beloved Dust'. 

Kyle & discuss his own journey of faith, the 'Bevloved Dust' book and the inner spiritual journey to discovering your own identity & and deepening relationship with God, both through prayer, scripture and other routes/practices. 

We discuss questions like:

- How do you balance the reverence and sacredness of our relationship with God, with the need to have a real, honest relationship, rather than simply a formal one? 

- How we can look to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and community as “informers” used by Christ to grow, mould, and form us into his image

- The best bit of wisdom Kyle's ever received

- A brief introduction to the spirituality of Harry Potter.

Kyle has such wisdom, humility and insight, and speaks in a way which is easy to understand but is challenging and inspiring - this is definitely worth a listen!

Episode 67 | Pamela Hodges On Creativity, Identity & How To Be A Cat

Episode 67 | Pamela Hodges On Creativity, Identity & How To Be A Cat

October 19, 2016

Author Pamela Hodges returns to the podcast today, and we have a lot of fun talking about creativity, identity, authenticity, being a creative entrepreneur - but above all, how to be a cat. 

Pamela talks about her late cat Pooh Hodges, who was an author she transcribed for and has published the book 'How To Be A Cat', transcribed and illustrated by Pamela, and before his death completed a memoir with Pamela's help. Pamela talks about that creative process, how she's explored her creativity in different and imaginative ways, and the journey which has led her into self-publishing - and writing on behalf of cats. 

It's a fun discussion and you'll learn so much about creativity and expressing your imagination - take a listen!
Episode 66 | Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas & Sarah Plummer Taylor on Resilience, Yoga & Personal Wellness

Episode 66 | Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas & Sarah Plummer Taylor on Resilience, Yoga & Personal Wellness

October 11, 2016

Neuroscientist Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas returns to James Talks today, and with her is Sarah Plummer Taylor, who is a Denver-based holistic health and wellness wellness counsellor. As a mental health professional, Sarah mentors people and organisations to help them find clarity and discover how to live happier, healthier lives.

Following on from my chat with Mike McHargue about science & faith last week, Kate, Sarah and I have a discussion of Kate's neuroscience work and it's overlaps with Sarah's work on holistic health and wellness. We examine in detail the links between physical and mental health, and their ties to Christian spirituality. We also discuss yoga, it's history, and why it's beneficial to our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. 

We examine together what a holistic, integrated spirituality involving the physical, mental, emotional and supernatural can look like and how it can have a positive impact on our lives. Then we discuss some spiritual practices which might be helpful in integrating this into our daily lives. 

This was hugely insightful and eye-opening chat, and I know you'll learn a lot from both Kate & Sarah.
Episode 65 | ‘Science Mike’ McHargue on Finding God In The Waves.

Episode 65 | ‘Science Mike’ McHargue on Finding God In The Waves.

October 4, 2016

'Science Mike' McHargue is back on James Talks this week, to discuss his new book, 'Finding God In The Waves' & answer some searching questions about science, and how it connects with our spirituality.

Mike talks about how he lived anonymously as an atheist for two years, being in leadership in his local church & even leading his own daughter to Christ whilst being an atheist. Mike shares the conflicts, the challenges, the emotions which he experienced during that time, and what his faith looks like now, having come back to Jesus through science. 

I then ask Mike some science/faith questions (which you kinda have to do when you've got Science Mike on your show), like these: 

- Do you think there's an element of the supernatural in the scientific, and what do you believe about the links between them?

 - One thing which is argued by Christians is the idea we're all born fundamentally flawed - what's your perspective on that, and scientifically what does that look like in terms of how the brain works and it's desires, it's needs?

- What's your thoughts on the idea, suggested by some experts, that this universe might be simulated, and what’s your definition of what's real, and what isn't real?

-  Do you think science will ever get to the point where we agree, without necessarily 100% proof, that there is an external intelligence, or intelligent design behind the universe, and the argument may well become who that is, and what it looks like, rather than whether it exists?

Mike finishes with a message of hope for all struggling with faith, doubt sharing from his own experience. This was one of my fave shows to do, and can't wait for you to take a listen.

And remember to check out Mike's new book 'Finding God In The Waves' - it's truly inspiring & mind blowing, and it's available to order on Amazon right now!

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