Poema Podcast

Episode 67 | Pamela Hodges On Creativity, Identity & How To Be A Cat

October 19, 2016

Author Pamela Hodges returns to the podcast today, and we have a lot of fun talking about creativity, identity, authenticity, being a creative entrepreneur - but above all, how to be a cat. 

Pamela talks about her late cat Pooh Hodges, who was an author she transcribed for and has published the book 'How To Be A Cat', transcribed and illustrated by Pamela, and before his death completed a memoir with Pamela's help. Pamela talks about that creative process, how she's explored her creativity in different and imaginative ways, and the journey which has led her into self-publishing - and writing on behalf of cats. 

It's a fun discussion and you'll learn so much about creativity and expressing your imagination - take a listen!

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