Episode 26 | Andi Cumbo on Writing, Calling & The Spirituality Of Farming

January 26, 2016

Andi Cumbo is an experienced writer, coach, author and editor, and a good friend. Today on the podcast she shares her powerful & challenging story, with wisdom about creativity, calling, and how this ties in with her spirituality, and her life running a farm.

Andi has so much wisdom to share about creativity, spirituality, calling & living a balanced life, and I know you'll really benefit from her words today. 

You can connect with Andi online at @andilit or andiit.com 

Episode 25 | Start To Write with Christine Niles

January 20, 2016

Today I talk to my good friend, writer, blogger & coach Christine Niles, about writing and the creative process. 

Christine has years of blogging & writing experience, and like me has spent a lot of time coaching writers. She's seen the ups & downs, the challenges, the failures & the successes, and has a lot of wisdom to share on things like finding your voice, overcoming writers block, and overcoming resistance and beginning your writers journey. 
As a special exclusive for "James Talks" listeners, you can access her three week mini-course "Start To Write" for free - the course is three weeks of daily writing prompts, tips, and daily reminders to get you going on your writers journey, and highly recommended!
You can access this special offer at: http://riverofthoughts.com/jamestalks/
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Episode 24 | Calling: Part 5 - Don’t Ask Permission

January 14, 2016

The series on calling concludes with a call to action - talking about how we don't need to have permission to pursue our calling, the role of wise counsel, and challenging us to have the courage to step out & embrace the life we were created for. 

Episode 23 | Calling: Part 4 - Curious Ache

January 14, 2016

We've discussed what calling is...but how do we discover our calling? Today in this series I talk about following our curiosity, and listening to that ache inside of us. Our callings often reside both in the things we are curious about, or in the inner aches, desires, longings deep inside - and we need to learn to listen to both

Episode 22 | Calling: Part 3 - Have Fun

January 13, 2016

In part 3 of this series on calling, I explore the a simple but forgotten truth about calling - that callings can, and should, be fun. To be enjoyed. To be something we ultimately find joy in. 

We may not initially want to do what we're called to, but if we're really called to it, then it will become joy to us.

Episode 21 | Calling: Part 2 - Before You Begin

January 12, 2016

Before we begin exploring what our calling is & how to pursue it, we need to ground ourselves in the right place. In part 2 of my series on calling, I explore how often put our security in our calling or vocation - and how if we are to really thrive, we need to place it somewhere else.


This series is part of the #synCREATE month on calling. You're invited to create anything related to calling, and share it with the hashtag #synCREATE - get creating today

Episode 20 | Calling Part 1: What Is Calling?

January 11, 2016

This week I'm doing a five-part series on the subject of calling. Calling is a word we use more and more often, but can be misunderstood. In this series I examine various questions/issues/misunderstandings around calling, and how we can discover our own calling.

Today I begin with the basic question, 'What Is Calling?' 

We talk about it a lot, but what does it actually mean?


Calling is this month's #synCREATE topic - what does the word inspire in you? Go make it!

Episode 19 | The Neuroscience Of Spirituality with Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas

January 6, 2016

Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas is a health educator & author who has conducted research which proves there is a science to our spirituality. Today I talk with her about the three things her research has shown are required for healthy living - and an evidence basis for spirituality.

Hendricks Thomas gives us a fascinating insight into how the brain works. And she shows us some incredible conclusions about how our brains work, and how humans being thrive, which can give us a whole new dimension to our spiritual journeys. 

Find more of Kate Hendricks Thomas at at her website www.katehendricksthomas.com, and check out more of her research in her book "Brave Strong True", available online now.