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Episode 25 | Start To Write with Christine Niles

January 20, 2016

Today I talk to my good friend, writer, blogger & coach Christine Niles, about writing and the creative process. 

Christine has years of blogging & writing experience, and like me has spent a lot of time coaching writers. She's seen the ups & downs, the challenges, the failures & the successes, and has a lot of wisdom to share on things like finding your voice, overcoming writers block, and overcoming resistance and beginning your writers journey. 
As a special exclusive for "James Talks" listeners, you can access her three week mini-course "Start To Write" for free - the course is three weeks of daily writing prompts, tips, and daily reminders to get you going on your writers journey, and highly recommended!
You can access this special offer at: http://riverofthoughts.com/jamestalks/
Start your writing journey today!

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