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Episode 53 | Alexander Shaia & Our Gospel Journey 3: Luke

July 12, 2016

Today it's the final part of our series with Alexander Shaia on the gospel journey of Quadratos. Today, we examine the book of Luke, and how we mature in service, and take the lessons we've learned, and the good news of the Christ out into the world. 

Alexander & I talk about the background the book of Luke, why and when it was written and what this means for us. We discuss how even in the face of conflict and change, and the difficult realities we face every day, we can through the Gospel journey find hope for ourselves, and for others, and a way to take that hope out into the world.
For more information on the Quadratos journey go to Quadratos.com, and if you have any questions for Alexander, send them to james@jamesprescott.co.uk - we may be having a Q & A episode with Alexander sometime soon!

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