Poema Podcast

Episode 36 | Rob Bell Is Here!

March 22, 2016

Rob Bell, NYT Bestselling Author of Love Wins & several other books, international speaker, podcaster & former Pastor, joins me today. 

We discuss major events in Rob's spiritual journey (including a Midnight Oil concert), what hope is, and where he sees both culture and the church progressing in the coming years. 

We discuss in depth his new book 'How To Be Here' and what it means to be fully present in our own lives, how to create the life we want for ourselves & the world, sabbath, and why sometimes being true to your calling means staying in your crappy job.

Rob has so much wisdom and insight into living a meaningful, deeply spiritual life and it was such a blast to talk to him. Have a listen, and let Rob inspire you. 

You can find Rob's work (and yes, I think you should read/watch/listen to everything he's done) at RobBell.com

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