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Poema S6 046 | Rob Bell on why Everything Is Spiritual

September 28, 2020

This week I'm joined by special guest Rob Bell, to chat about his new book, about grief, birth, death, mental health, creativity - and why everything is spiritual. 

In this episode Rob tells us of his experience of lockdown, and we explore different types of grief. Rob shares about the 'good grief' of a season of life ending and something new and wonderful being born. Sharing from his own story, Rob also talks about how grief is always an engine room for growth.

We also discuss how Rob processed mental health challenges when leaving the church he planted and found healthier ways to live.

And finally Rob talks about the creative journey, both in art and in life, writing from the heart, and finding joy and freedom from the need to perform and impress, and embracing a life of risk and adventure - where everything is spiritual.

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