Poema Podcast

Poema S5 001 | Mike McHargue Talks Autism, Mental Illness & Takes Your Questions

January 15, 2019

In the first episode of Poema for 2019, regular guest, author, speaker and podcaster Mike McHargue - AKA Science Mike - returns to the show. In this episode he shares in more detail the story behind is recent diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). He shares the challenges he faces, and how it's impacted his coming to terms with major trauma.

We also talk about the difficulty and importance of getting a diagnosis, and the importance of ending stigma in both the church and wider culture about both ASD and mental illness. 

Mike then answers several listener questions, including: 

- What is the cultural difference between a geek and a nerd?

- Do his faith and scientific/rational thinking always compliment each other, and when do they come into conflict?

- How he would change his life if he was a woman?

- How do you truly love yourself?

And much more!