Poema Podcast

Episode 15 | Lisa Delay & Sparking The Creative Muse

December 8, 2015

Lisa Delay of the Spark My Muse podcast is my guest today. Lisa is an author, podcaster & communicator, and the co-founder, with myself, of #synCREATE, a collaborative creative community, as well as a friend. She's passionate about inspiring people to discover their creative gifts and discover more of the divine in everyday life. 

Today she shares her story, talks about creativity, her creative process, spirituality and living out spiritual disciplines. Lisa has a lot of wisdom to share on all these subjects, so it's definitely worth a listen! 
You can find Lisa's work at sparkmymuse.com & she is on Twitter at @LisaDelay - I was a guest on her podcast a few weeks back, so be sure to check it out!

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