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Poema S7 018 | Caroline McGraw on Why You Don’t Owe Anyone

April 12, 2021

Today author and coach Caroline McGraw joins me to talk about her new book and why "You Don't Owe Anyone".  

Caroline explains to us how often we feel obligated to the world around us, feel we "owe" people and put impossible expectations on ourselves, and the unhelpful roles we can sometimes assign ourselves. We explore the dangers of perfectionism and how to free ourselves of it.

We also discuss why it's so important to name what we're carrying - fear, trauma, mistakes - and face up to it in order to be transformed and grow. And why continually pursuing growth is so important.

Finally, Caroline gives us some practical steps we can take to begin this journey in our own lives. 


Pre-Order Carolines book here (& get some amazing pre-order bonuses): 


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