Poema Podcast

Poema S8 016 | Atlas Talos on Toxic Masculinity, Deconstruction & Geek Culture

April 18, 2022

This week my friend, artist and illustrator Atlas Talos joins me on the podcast. He tells us a bit of his own story, and then we dive deep into a discussion on toxic masculinity and its relationship to evangelicalism and capitalism - and the damage it can do, even to men who try and escape it - and how he escaped and unlearned this. 

We also talk about how deconstruction & transformation journeys are as much about our identity and creativity as much as spirituality - and how he discovered more of his true identity and vocation through the process.

And we end with a discussion about geek culture and how this can be a reflection of other aspects of our culture, with its own toxic traits and reflections of capitalism. 

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