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Poema S3 021 | Tiffany Werhner & Moments Of Clarity

Poema S3 021 | Tiffany Werhner & Moments Of Clarity

July 31, 2018

In the last episode before the summer break, I'm joined by author, radio host, and licenced mental health counselor Tiffany Werhner.

Tiffany shares her story and her experiences of post trauma mental illness, and her experiences of working with those who face mental health challenges. As a licenced mental health professional and someone who has suffered major trauma, Tiffany has a lot of wisdom and encoragement on mental illness for those facing mental health challenges - and for those who aren't.

We explore Tiffany's passion to raise awareness and end stigma around mental illness, and bring hope, support and encouragement to those living with mental illness. Finally, we explore more of the stigmas around mental illness, the impact major trauma can have on someone, the psychology of mental illness, and discuss practical ways those who know people with mental ilnnes can be a positive, practical support.

Listen to her radio show 'Moments Of Clarity with Tiffany' here

Poema S3 020 | Beka Lombardo on Depression & Suicidal Ideation

Poema S3 020 | Beka Lombardo on Depression & Suicidal Ideation

July 18, 2018

Today I welcome back my dear friend Beka Lombardo to the podcast. Beka is an author, blogger, podcaster and mental health advocate, who herself suffers from depression.

Today she shares her story, and how her circumtances and her mental illness took her to that point of suicide. We discuss together the experience of suicidal ideation - when someone is considering suicide - as well as how and why people get to that point, as well as how to overcome that, sharing from her own experiences. 

We also discuss ways to manage the challenges which come with mental illness and depression, some of the stigmas which have build up, and how those close to people with mental illness can offer practical, constructive support to those living with those conditions. 

For those living with depression, this episode is one which will give you hope and remind you that you're not alone in your challenges - and for those you don't, it will raise your awareness and help you be a real support to your friends and family who do. 

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