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Episode 64 | Chasing Lovely Interview James Prescott - James Talks 1st Birthday Roast

Episode 64 | Chasing Lovely Interview James Prescott - James Talks 1st Birthday Roast

September 27, 2016

James Talks turns 1 year old this week! And to celebrate, today we have a very special edition - Chloe & Taylor Turner, AKA Chasing Lovely, who were my first guests on James Talks, are interviewing me, James Prescott! And it's a combination of a total roasting, and some deep discussion on spirituality, creativity, calling and the issues I'm passionate about.

There's some fun questions like random facts about me, embarrassing stories, celebrity crushes, my soul animal, and who I'd interview if I could interview anyone in history. 

Then we move on to some more serious questions, about grace, how we find our calling & identity, habits of creativity, how I found my voice, and exploring who I think Jesus is, what I think about the Bible & what I think it means to live a life in tune with the divine. Plus there's some exclusive info about my first book, and the book I'm currently writing!

Chloe, Taylor & I had so much fun recording this and I'm so excited for you to hear it. Here's to many more James Talks episodes to come!
Episode 63  | Faith Circus with Kathy Escobar & Karl Wheeler

Episode 63 | Faith Circus with Kathy Escobar & Karl Wheeler

September 21, 2016

Today Kathy Escobar & Karl Wheeler of the Faith Curcus podcast join me to share their powerful, unique & inspiring story. They share about the challenges of starting a new type of faith community, dealing with issues of theological difference & the issues which confront the modern church today.

Kathy & Karl talk about how their conversations and story evolved into a podcast called Faith Circus, a discussion on church & the modern Christian faith, and some new challenges they face as they move into a new season.

Kathy & Karl are great fun, honest & have a lot of wisdom on modern faith & the church - take a listen, then go subscribe to Faith Circus to hear more of them.

Episode 62 | David Mike on Dishonour & Grace

Episode 62 | David Mike on Dishonour & Grace

September 13, 2016

David Mike, author & former solider, joins me today to share his challenging and inspiring story. David was a solider who became a drug addict and dealer, resulting in a term in prison. But whilst in prison he experienced the transforming love and grace of both family, and God,

Today David shares how he came to be in prison, and the conflicts, challenges and emotions he experienced there. And he tells the incredible story of how a letter, and an experience of grace transformed his life - and how he discovered writing as a way to use his story to encourage others, and move forward into his calling
David's first book, 'Dishonor' is out now. 
Episode 61 | Glennon Doyle Melton on Grace, Divorce, Addiction & Being A #LoveWarrior

Episode 61 | Glennon Doyle Melton on Grace, Divorce, Addiction & Being A #LoveWarrior

September 6, 2016

I'm delighted to welcome Glennon Doyle Melton - AKA Momastery - onto James Talks today. Glennon shares her powerful and challenging story of alcoholism, her struggles with established church, and working through a difficult marriage. 

Glennon shares honestly about the importance of confronting our pain and walking through it, rather than avoiding it, and talks about the transforming power of grace. She shares passionately about how damaging church can be and what she believes healthy church should look like. 
Glennon also talks about what she learned about what healthy relationships and marriages are meant to look like, how one person cannot save a marriage and why some relationships - even marriages, including her own - come to a healthy, complete ending with mutual love and respect remaining.
Here's some quotes: 

“My whole writing career has been about trying to find a place I can be as honest as in AA”

"Whatever happens in the personal, happens in the universal"

"Every time we get evicted from our life, we’re invited into a new life"

"The only thing I use to define myself now is child of God..it's the only thing no one can take from you"

"When everything's falling apart, that's when you need to start paying attention, that's when the change is coming"

"I'm running towards my pain every single day and it's changing everything"

This is one of the most inspiring, honest, and powerful interviews I've ever done, and it will challenge you, inspire you, and give you hope you didn't know existed. Take a listen, then go buy Glennon's new book Love Warrior today!





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