Episode 31 | Steve Chalke & A Vision For Inclusive Church

February 23, 2016

Today I host pastor, speaker & author Steve Chalke. Steve shares the powerful story of how Oasis Trust - a network of churches, schools and more - started and the impact it's had on individual's lives. He outlines his vision of what church can and should be, and what our part can be in that.

Finally, Steve speaks passionately and honestly about LGBT inclusion, how important is for the church and the world, and how we can begin to build a more inclusive church.
You can connect with Steve on Twitter at @SteveChalke. His church are running a conference about inclusive church - 'Open Church' - in central London soon. You can find out more about that & book tickets at the Oasis website.

Episode 30 | Repentance Part 2 - Turn & Return

February 18, 2016

Today is the second & final part of my series on repentance. In this episode I unpack the true meaning of the word 'repent' & reflect on what this might mean for us. Ending with a message of hope, and a challenge as to how we might respond.


This series part of this months #synCREATE theme of repentance.

Episode 29 | Repentance Part 1 - Archery & Living Out Of Tune

February 17, 2016

Today is the first of a two-part series on Repentance, unpacking & exploring sin, and what we really mean when we use that word. Because our understanding of sin is fundamental to understanding repentance.

This series is linked to this months #synCREATE theme of repentance.
Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 tomorrow!

Episode 28 | Lorna Kopp On The Links Between Creativity, Vulnerability & Faith

February 10, 2016

Lorna Kopp (aka Lorna Faith) is my guest today. Lorna, a writer, author & coach, shares her story and we talk about the importance of vulnerability in creating authentic work. We also discuss how her faith has impacted her creative work, and the power of encouragement. 

Episode 27 | Pamela Hodges on Creativity, Cats & Meeting Bono

February 3, 2016

Today I'm joined by writer, blogger, painter & author Pamela Hodges. Pamela shares her unique story - including when she met Bono - and talks about maintaining authenticity & artistic integrity in our creative work. Finally, Pamela talks about about her struggles with faith, dealing with loss, and how she encourages her cats to express themselves creatively.