Episode 8 | Lauren Ward - Feminism & Faith

October 27, 2015

Lauren Ward from FeministFaith.com shares her story today. Lauren talks about what she calls 'Christian Feminism', and how her feminist and Christian beliefs have shaped her story and her life choices, including her recent engagement. 

Finally, Lauren offers encouragement to all Christian women who are feeling unable to express who they truly are.

Episode 7 | This Is How It Rolls

October 23, 2015

We need to have the courage to admit to ourselves, and eventually to others, who we really are, what we really believe and where we are in our journey. 

It's time to have the courage to say 'this is how it rolls with me'. And if we do, we'll find freedom, we'll find new life, and we'll realise that, in fact, we're not alone. 

Episode 6 | Chasing Lovely (The Wolfie Episode)

October 21, 2015

Today I'm joined by multi-genre musical duo Chloe & Taylor Turner, aka Chasing Lovely. Chloe & Taylor share their story, talk about creativity & their own spiritual journey. Plus, there's an exclusive live acoustic performance of the title track from their EP 'Unbridled'. 

('Wolfie' is the collective name of Chloe, Taylor & myself. Keep your eyes peeled for more 'Wolfie' episodes!)

Episode 5 | Matt Damon & The Myth Of Success

October 15, 2015

Creativity isn't about money, stats or awards. All art matters - because it exists.


Episode 3 | Hearing Our Subconscious

October 13, 2015

Creativity & Our Subconscious Self


Episode 2 | The First Word

October 6, 2015