Poema 002 : Max Strom On Healthy Breathing & Why There Is No App For Happiness

January 18, 2017

For my first Poema interview I welcome Max Strom.  Max is an author of several books, including 'A Life Worth Breathing' and 'There Is No App For Happiness'. Max speaks and trains people all over the world around these topics, and has also spoken at TED.

Max is passionate about us all having a holistic, healthier rhythm to life, and teaches healthy breathing exercises and routines, including some yoga-based exercises.

Max and I talk about what a healthy breathing pattern really looks like, how anxiety can be directly linked to grief, and also touch on the damage our culture's addiction to social media can do to our personal well-being.

Max has great wisdom and provides some genuine, healthier alternatives to the rhythms we often choose live by and consumerism can pressurise us to follow, refreshing alternatives which can help us all lead a healthier life, inside and out.


Poema 001 : What Is Poema?

January 17, 2017

Today 'James Talks' relaunches as the 'Poema Podcast'. This week we have three episodes - today, tomorrow and Thursday. The others will have very special guests, today's is the first of some reflective episodes - all of these will be hosted and curated by me, James Prescott.

In this first episode, Poema's I'll be talking about the changes to the podcast, what we'll be doing in this first season of the 'Poema Podcast'. I also explore what this word 'Poema' really means, its roots in scripture, and how it's fundamental to us exploring our identity, finding our calling, and stepping out in faith to create the life God intended us to live.

I unpack the idea that we're all God's masterpiece, our lives are works of art - and share how if we root ourselves in grace, we can be liberated to create the life God always wanted for us - and ultimately, help create a better world.


Episode 76 | Books, Seasons & A Word About Masterpieces

December 28, 2016

In today's episode I tell a story about my own journey of the last year, about confronting our demons, and how grace has impacted my life in the last year. And I share about some exciting new projects coming up, including my upcoming book, 'Mosaic Of Grace', writing projects, the blog, and some exclusive, important news about the future of the podcast. 

We all go through seasons in life, everything has its time, and in this episode I talk about how this is being reflected in my own life and work, and how this is something all of us go through - and how to do that well. I share a story of how grace transforms us, how it confronts the truth, and about freeing ourselves to risk, to step out in faith - and how the goal isn't the result, but the process itself. 

And finally, I talk about Poema - a word from scripture about us being God's workmanship, God's masterpiece. I explore how it relates to our own lives, how it encompasses all the work I'm doing, and how my work, especially the podcast, will be changing to embrace this word and it's meaning. And I share how and why this will be the last episode of James Talks in it's current format, and how the podcast will be changing in 2017.

There's also more detailed information on my upcoming book, including the release date itself, and an opportunity to get involved with the launch and get a ton of freebies - you can do that here.


Episode 75 | Our Gospel Christmas Journey With Alexander Shaia

December 20, 2016

Today Alexander Shaia returns to my podcast, for a special Christmas episode. It's now around the Winter Solsatace, December 21, the date Christmas used to be celebrated - the date light begins to come into the world in a physical sense. Alexander and I explore the reality behind the Christmas story as shared in the gospels.

Alexander talks about some of the hidden meaning and symbolism in a story which has become familiar to many of us, and in doing so, makes this story come alive in a fresh way, a way which speaks to all of our journeys, and into our exploration of our identity in Christ. 

I hope you'll take a listen, as Alexander makes an old story refreshing, relevant and inspiring in a fresh, encouraging way, which can give us all hope as we approach Christmas, and the coming of the Messiah.

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful Christmas. 


Episode 74 | Chasing Lovely 3 - The Wolfies Reunited (With Exclusive LIVE Performance)

December 6, 2016

My friends Chloe & Taylor Turner, AKA Chasing Lovely, return to the podcast today for the fourth time - third time as guests. As ever, we have a whole load of fun discussing spirituality, creativity, mystery, doubt and loads more. 

Chloe & Taylor share what's happening on their own journey, as individuals and as a band, both creatively and spiritually. They also discuss how their spiritual journey is impacting their creative journey, and the continuing intersections between those two areas. The duo also discuss their next musical project, and exclusively share a new, unreleased track performed live and exclusive for James Talks.

Plus, you'll finally hear the secret story behind how and why the Chasing Lovely episodes are called 'Wolfie' episodes! :)

Talking to these guys is always so much fun & they have such wisdom and maturity beyond their years in the areas of creativity & spirituality. I know you'll all love this episode. 


Episode 73 | Steve Austin’s Story Of Suicide, Addiction & Messy Grace

November 29, 2016

Author, speaker and pastor Steve Austin joins me today. He shares his powerful and inspiring story, of going from being a pastor to addiction, depression and a suicide attempt.

But the story didn't end there.

Steve rebuilt his marriage, his faith and his life, and became a successful author, blogger and now, again, a pastor. It's a challenging, inspiring and deeply moving story, a story of messy grace which can give hope to us all.

Whatever your circumstances, take a listen to Steve's story, and I think you'll find a reason to hope.


Episode 72 | Sarah Arlen on Creativity, Suffering & The Two Types of Creator

November 23, 2016

Actress, producer & filmmaker Sarah Arlen joins me today. Sarah is currently putting the finishing touches to 'Twice' a film she both produced, wrote and starred in. Sarah shares her own powerful story of her battles with depression and how that's impacted her creative journey.

We discuss in more detail the links between suffering and creativity, and the healing power of creativity. Sarah then goes on to discuss the two types of creator, and how we can better explore our own creative side and find healing through artistic expression.

Sarah is a dear friend, and here she shares with great courage and honesty about her struggles, and she has incredible wisdom on creativity. Give it a listen!


Episode 71 | Anita Wing Lee on How Creativity Can Change The World

November 15, 2016

Periscoper, writer, and creator Anita Wing Lee returns to James Talks today. Anita has used her creative talents to make huge difference in the world - Periscoping from refugee camps to raise awareness of the refugee crisis, and combining her talents with a friend to create and crowdfund a book of stories and photographs of these refugees to raise money to support them.

What we need right now are people willing and courageous enough to step out and create a new world, a better world, for all of us. Anita and I both believe strongly that we have the power to create the work, the lives, and the world we want - if only we can claim that power and use it positively. Anita and I discuss this in the podcast and explore how you and I can begin that process in our own lives and the world around us today. 


Episode 70 | Nish Weiseth on the US Presidential Election

November 7, 2016

My dear friend Nish Weiseth returns to James Talks today, in a special episode to discuss the imminent US Presidential election. Nish and I are both passionate about politics, and it's role in the world - and the US election result affects us all, which is why we decided to do this special episode.

Nish & I explore in more detail about the potential implications of a Trump Presidency, both for Nishs' own state of Utah, the US and potentially the world too, and we talk about what the implications of Trumps' campaign - whether ultimately successful or not - says about American culture, American politics, the evangelical church, and what the future might hold. 

This was recorded just after the first Presidential debate, before the controversies on both sides which have arisen since - but is still a fascinating discussion on what's a really important topic. Not just the election, but culture, and the church, are all impacted by this election. Nish has such wisdom and passion, and it's definitely worth a listen. 

Episode 69 | Sarah Simmons & A Story Of Grace

November 2, 2016

Today Sarah Simmons, writer & blogger, shares her own powerful testimony. It's a story of suffering, lost dreams, but also one of hope, restoration and grace which is truly inspiring. Sarah shares about how we can find grace even in the midst of our own imperfect lives, and how that brings us hope.

In our conversation we discuss questions like:

- How did Sarah learn to find joy in the mess, what does that look like for her, and how can we all find joy in our own messes?

- How do we find hope and contentment in that space between the 'what is' and 'what should be'?

- How Sarah's experiences have shaped her creative journey, and how has creativity been a help to Sarah along the way?


Sarah is an amazing writer, good friend & real woman of God, and a real inspiration, I know you're going to be so blessed by her story & wisdom. 


Episode 68 | Kyle Strobel & The Beloved Dust

October 26, 2016

Kyle Strobel, teacher, writer and preacher, joins me today. He is the assistant professor of Spiritual Theology and Formation at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and helped start Metamorpha Ministries. He's also author of several books, including 'Beloved Dust'. 

Kyle & discuss his own journey of faith, the 'Bevloved Dust' book and the inner spiritual journey to discovering your own identity & and deepening relationship with God, both through prayer, scripture and other routes/practices. 

We discuss questions like:

- How do you balance the reverence and sacredness of our relationship with God, with the need to have a real, honest relationship, rather than simply a formal one? 

- How we can look to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and community as “informers” used by Christ to grow, mould, and form us into his image

- The best bit of wisdom Kyle's ever received

- A brief introduction to the spirituality of Harry Potter.

Kyle has such wisdom, humility and insight, and speaks in a way which is easy to understand but is challenging and inspiring - this is definitely worth a listen!


Episode 67 | Pamela Hodges On Creativity, Identity & How To Be A Cat

October 19, 2016

Author Pamela Hodges returns to the podcast today, and we have a lot of fun talking about creativity, identity, authenticity, being a creative entrepreneur - but above all, how to be a cat. 

Pamela talks about her late cat Pooh Hodges, who was an author she transcribed for and has published the book 'How To Be A Cat', transcribed and illustrated by Pamela, and before his death completed a memoir with Pamela's help. Pamela talks about that creative process, how she's explored her creativity in different and imaginative ways, and the journey which has led her into self-publishing - and writing on behalf of cats. 

It's a fun discussion and you'll learn so much about creativity and expressing your imagination - take a listen!

Episode 66 | Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas & Sarah Plummer Taylor on Resilience, Yoga & Personal Wellness

October 11, 2016

Neuroscientist Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas returns to James Talks today, and with her is Sarah Plummer Taylor, who is a Denver-based holistic health and wellness wellness counsellor. As a mental health professional, Sarah mentors people and organisations to help them find clarity and discover how to live happier, healthier lives.

Following on from my chat with Mike McHargue about science & faith last week, Kate, Sarah and I have a discussion of Kate's neuroscience work and it's overlaps with Sarah's work on holistic health and wellness. We examine in detail the links between physical and mental health, and their ties to Christian spirituality. We also discuss yoga, it's history, and why it's beneficial to our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. 

We examine together what a holistic, integrated spirituality involving the physical, mental, emotional and supernatural can look like and how it can have a positive impact on our lives. Then we discuss some spiritual practices which might be helpful in integrating this into our daily lives. 

This was hugely insightful and eye-opening chat, and I know you'll learn a lot from both Kate & Sarah.

Episode 65 | ‘Science Mike’ McHargue on Finding God In The Waves.

October 4, 2016

'Science Mike' McHargue is back on James Talks this week, to discuss his new book, 'Finding God In The Waves' & answer some searching questions about science, and how it connects with our spirituality.

Mike talks about how he lived anonymously as an atheist for two years, being in leadership in his local church & even leading his own daughter to Christ whilst being an atheist. Mike shares the conflicts, the challenges, the emotions which he experienced during that time, and what his faith looks like now, having come back to Jesus through science. 

I then ask Mike some science/faith questions (which you kinda have to do when you've got Science Mike on your show), like these: 

- Do you think there's an element of the supernatural in the scientific, and what do you believe about the links between them?

 - One thing which is argued by Christians is the idea we're all born fundamentally flawed - what's your perspective on that, and scientifically what does that look like in terms of how the brain works and it's desires, it's needs?

- What's your thoughts on the idea, suggested by some experts, that this universe might be simulated, and what’s your definition of what's real, and what isn't real?

-  Do you think science will ever get to the point where we agree, without necessarily 100% proof, that there is an external intelligence, or intelligent design behind the universe, and the argument may well become who that is, and what it looks like, rather than whether it exists?

Mike finishes with a message of hope for all struggling with faith, doubt sharing from his own experience. This was one of my fave shows to do, and can't wait for you to take a listen.

And remember to check out Mike's new book 'Finding God In The Waves' - it's truly inspiring & mind blowing, and it's available to order on Amazon right now!


Episode 64 | Chasing Lovely Interview James Prescott - James Talks 1st Birthday Roast

September 27, 2016

James Talks turns 1 year old this week! And to celebrate, today we have a very special edition - Chloe & Taylor Turner, AKA Chasing Lovely, who were my first guests on James Talks, are interviewing me, James Prescott! And it's a combination of a total roasting, and some deep discussion on spirituality, creativity, calling and the issues I'm passionate about.

There's some fun questions like random facts about me, embarrassing stories, celebrity crushes, my soul animal, and who I'd interview if I could interview anyone in history. 

Then we move on to some more serious questions, about grace, how we find our calling & identity, habits of creativity, how I found my voice, and exploring who I think Jesus is, what I think about the Bible & what I think it means to live a life in tune with the divine. Plus there's some exclusive info about my first book, and the book I'm currently writing!

Chloe, Taylor & I had so much fun recording this and I'm so excited for you to hear it. Here's to many more James Talks episodes to come!

Episode 63 | Faith Circus with Kathy Escobar & Karl Wheeler

September 21, 2016

Today Kathy Escobar & Karl Wheeler of the Faith Curcus podcast join me to share their powerful, unique & inspiring story. They share about the challenges of starting a new type of faith community, dealing with issues of theological difference & the issues which confront the modern church today.

Kathy & Karl talk about how their conversations and story evolved into a podcast called Faith Circus, a discussion on church & the modern Christian faith, and some new challenges they face as they move into a new season.

Kathy & Karl are great fun, honest & have a lot of wisdom on modern faith & the church - take a listen, then go subscribe to Faith Circus to hear more of them.


Episode 62 | David Mike on Dishonour & Grace

September 13, 2016

David Mike, author & former solider, joins me today to share his challenging and inspiring story. David was a solider who became a drug addict and dealer, resulting in a term in prison. But whilst in prison he experienced the transforming love and grace of both family, and God,

Today David shares how he came to be in prison, and the conflicts, challenges and emotions he experienced there. And he tells the incredible story of how a letter, and an experience of grace transformed his life - and how he discovered writing as a way to use his story to encourage others, and move forward into his calling
David's first book, 'Dishonor' is out now. 

Episode 61 | Glennon Doyle Melton on Grace, Divorce, Addiction & Being A #LoveWarrior

September 6, 2016

I'm delighted to welcome Glennon Doyle Melton - AKA Momastery - onto James Talks today. Glennon shares her powerful and challenging story of alcoholism, her struggles with established church, and working through a difficult marriage. 

Glennon shares honestly about the importance of confronting our pain and walking through it, rather than avoiding it, and talks about the transforming power of grace. She shares passionately about how damaging church can be and what she believes healthy church should look like. 
Glennon also talks about what she learned about what healthy relationships and marriages are meant to look like, how one person cannot save a marriage and why some relationships - even marriages, including her own - come to a healthy, complete ending with mutual love and respect remaining.
Here's some quotes: 

“My whole writing career has been about trying to find a place I can be as honest as in AA”

"Whatever happens in the personal, happens in the universal"

"Every time we get evicted from our life, we’re invited into a new life"

"The only thing I use to define myself now is child of God..it's the only thing no one can take from you"

"When everything's falling apart, that's when you need to start paying attention, that's when the change is coming"

"I'm running towards my pain every single day and it's changing everything"

This is one of the most inspiring, honest, and powerful interviews I've ever done, and it will challenge you, inspire you, and give you hope you didn't know existed. Take a listen, then go buy Glennon's new book Love Warrior today!






Episode 60 | Cindy Brandt on Art & Justice

August 31, 2016

Author & blogger Cindy Brandt joins me today to talk about creativity, faith, culture and justice. Cindy shares her own powerful story and talks about authenticity in her art, being vulnerable in our art, as well as her passion for justice, and building a church where all are welcome, and all are truly valued.

Cindy & I also discuss the links between art and justice, and that if we believe justice to be a central theme of the gospel, then imagination and creativity is vital to achieving that, and the challenges and risks that can come with that, and how the act of being prophetic is authentic.


You can find Cindy's work at cindywords.com 

Episode 59 | Alexander Shaia Takes Your Questions

August 23, 2016

Alexander Shaia is back on James Talks and this week he's taking your questions! Today Alexander answers questions sent in by listeners, including ike:

What’s your favourite gospel, and your favourite passage from the four gospels - and why?

What are your thoughts on the issues of discipleship and evangelism, and do you see the end of Matthew as an invitation alone, or an invitation and a commission?

What does the cross look like differently in each path?

It's a fascinating, eye-opening and inspiring episode with Alexander, as he gives us more insight than ever into the Gospel path. Alexander will be back on James Talks later in the year....


Episode 58 | Amy Boucher Pye on The Intersection Between Creativity & Faith

August 16, 2016

Author & blogger Amy Boucher Pye joins me today. Amy is an American married to a Vicar living in the UK, and recently launched her first book 'Finding Myself In Britain'.

In today's episode Amy shares about her creative journey, which on top of authoring books, has included both blogging and book editing, and aligns this with her own spiritual journey. In this episode we see how faith and creativity intertwine and intersect, impacting one another - as we see how we're all creators made in the image of a creator.

And, in the process, we find how being creative is simply being human in the divine image - and that, in fact, the act of creativity can draw us closer to the divine.


Episode 57 | Kent Sanders & The Artists Suitcase

August 10, 2016

Kent Sanders - author, coach, teacher, blogger, joins me today. Kent shares his own creative journey and about strategies he has discovered which can help artists overcome fear, take action in their creative path, and be more productive in their creative life, which he calls his 'Artists Suitcase'. 

Kent shares honestly and vulnerably about his own creative struggles, and how he overcame them to become a prolific author and blogger who coaches and encourages many other creative people on their own journey. Kent is a great encourager & one of the most humble people I know, with such wisdom on creativity - this is definitely worth a listen.

Find Kent's work online at KentSanders.net.

Episode 56 | Luke Strickland & Potting Shed Creativity

August 3, 2016

My friend Luke Strickland of 'The Potting Shed Podcast' (& others) joins me today. Luke is a podcaster, creator, blogger and author, and a great guy. Here he shares his creative journey and how it intertwined with his own faith journey. We talk writing, creating, podcasting & vision for our lives, and how this connects with a life of faith.

Luke and I also explore how to find your authentic voice, about recognising your dreams and making them closer to reality, and finding the courage to share your work with the world.
Join us, have a listen and then go check out Luke's awesome new book 'Sight Lines: Clearer Vision, Closer Dreams', which is available to buy on Amazon now!

Episode 55 | Jim Woods & How To Be Authentic In Our Art

July 26, 2016

My friend Jim Woods, an author, writing coach, and blogger, joins me today. We discuss his own creative journey, and the challenge of leaving a stable job behind to risk it all on a creative career, in his case, as a writer.

Today we talk about how to maintain authenticity in our work, how to keep our artistic integrity and find our true voice as artists. Jim shares about the challenges he's faced maintaining his own integrity whilst making it his living, and great wisdom on how to do creative work and create a life which is truly authentic, and really matters.
Come and join us!
Find more of Jim's work online at jimwoodswrites.com 

Episode 54 | Christine Sine & The Spiritual Rhythms Of Life

July 19, 2016

Christine Sine of Mustard Seed Associates, blogger, author, missionary & gardener joins me today. Christine shares her fascinating journey which took her from Australia all over the world, led her to found Mustard Seed Associates, a Christian charity, create and grow a blog and co-create several books. You'll also hear about how she discovered a deeper spirituality in the routines of every day living, even in the seemingly small discipline of gardening. 

Christine talks about the liturgical calendar and how we can use it to help us have a healthier rhythm to life, and precisely what the spiritual rhythms of life are, and how we can build our lives around them. Christine also discusses creativity as a spiritual act, touching on what it means to live an authentic, creative spiritual life in tune with Jesus. 

Christine has so much wisdom, experience, insight and enthusiasm, and I know you're really going to be blessed by this conversation. Take a listen! 

Episode 53 | Alexander Shaia & Our Gospel Journey 3: Luke

July 12, 2016

Today it's the final part of our series with Alexander Shaia on the gospel journey of Quadratos. Today, we examine the book of Luke, and how we mature in service, and take the lessons we've learned, and the good news of the Christ out into the world. 

Alexander & I talk about the background the book of Luke, why and when it was written and what this means for us. We discuss how even in the face of conflict and change, and the difficult realities we face every day, we can through the Gospel journey find hope for ourselves, and for others, and a way to take that hope out into the world.
For more information on the Quadratos journey go to Quadratos.com, and if you have any questions for Alexander, send them to james@jamesprescott.co.uk - we may be having a Q & A episode with Alexander sometime soon!

Episode 52 | Alexander Shaia & Our Gospel Journey 2: John

July 6, 2016

Alexander Shaia returns in the second of our three part journey through the gospel(s).

Today we focus on John, and how we discover joy, even in the midst of the most terrible suffering, and then enter into a resurrection path into a new tomorrow.


Episode 51 | Alexander Shaia & Our Gospel Journey 1: Matthew & Mark ,

June 28, 2016

Alexander Shaia returns to James Talks today, for the first of a new series over the next three weeks, walking us through the Gospel Journey of Quadratos in much more depth.

In our previous discussion, in Episode 43, we briefly covered all four stages of our journey of identity through the gospels - or as Alexander prefers, the four stages of the one gospel of Christ. In this series we'll be spending entire episodes on different stages, and exploring the books much more deeply. 

Today we begin with Matthew & Mark - the story of Matthew is about how we face change, about confronting the truth of the change in our lives & culture, and living with that change. There are dramatic changes which come through Jesus, through alientation, through events in history, and Matthew teaches about that

In Mark, we move through change & confront our own sense of isolation, abandonment, how Jesus often felt this way, how this gospel was written to a people often feeling this way, and what this can tell us about those seasons in our own lives. 

Alexander unpacks this all with his relaxed, friendly and insightful way - and will leave you wanting more. 

Listen in, and join us next week for John.

If you want to follow the journey in a lot more detail as you listen, go to Quadratos.com & download Alexander's book heart & mind - and if you want to study this in a group, there's other resources there for you to download. 

Episode 50 | The Fiftieth - Back Forward Now

June 21, 2016

It's the 50th episode of James Talks! Today I share some updates on my latest work, including my upcoming book, blog posts, the podcast, and mostly, a personal reflection on my recent journey.

I talk about what I've been facing & what it's taught me about the importance of going back to confront the pain & struggles from our past we might have buried, in order to move forward, no matter how painful that can be. And I reflect on how it's only then that we can we begin living the full life we were created for. Now. 

Next week we start a whole new set of interviews...you can find out more about them in this episode too!

Episode 49 | Orlando & Guns - An Outside Perspective

June 14, 2016

We've all been shocked & deeply moved by events in Orlando this week. Today I posted a blog post about Orlando itself, and in this podcast I discuss the issue of guns, gun crime, and the myth of redemptive violence. From the perspective of a UK citizen living in London, a culture where there is little gun crime & no gun ownership, I share my reflections on the lessons we must learn from Orlando...and why the way of guns & violence cannot go on. 


Episode 48 | Redefining Rich with Matt Ham

June 7, 2016

Author, speaker & radio host Matt Ham shares his powerful story today. It's a story of how he nearly lost everything, but instead discovered a life and a faith richer than anything he had known, and learned how to redefine what it means to be rich. It's a story of brokenness, restoration, purpose, healing and grace. 

Matt has such a heart to serve others and is a born storyteller with incredible wisdom, born from experience, on how to live a fully rich life of faith, discover your identity in Christ & find meaning and purpose in our lives. He's shared this in his book, on a radio show, and speaking to thousands of people, and I know you're going to be really blessed by his story. 

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @matthamsr and find his work at MattHam.com 


Episode 47 | Brandan Robertson: In & Out, A Nomad’s Journey

June 1, 2016

Brandan Robertson joins me today to share his powerful, moving and often painful story of reconciling an emerging faith in Jesus as a teenager, with his own sexuality. His is a powerful story of being in, then suddenly finding himself out, again and again - and through it all, discovering a deeper, more inclusive spirituality which brings hope to all those who feel excluded by the church, whether it be because of their theology or sexuality.

Brandan is an amazing guy with a heart for Jesus and for all 'Nomads' - people on the outside, and a leading advocate of LGBT inclusion, and has such wisdom and insight to share with us all. It was such a privilege to chat with him, and I know his story will both challenge and inspire you.

You can find him on Twitter @BrandanJR, and check out his new book 'Nomad', available to pre-order now!

Episode 46 | Spiral Dynamics with Dr Don Beck

May 24, 2016

Dr Don Beck, who joins me today, is a leading authority on Spiral Dynamics. This is a theory about the development of human consciousness, and the human journey. It divides the human journey up into 2 levels of consciousness, and within those two levels are different stages, all of which are part of both our individual journeys, and the journey of humanity as a whole. 

Don and I outline these different stages in a very basic way, how they have unfolded through history and we discuss how this revolutionary concept is tied into politics, culture, faith, church, and creativity. We in particularly consider the political situation in America & the world right now, and what the theory means for church and the Christian faith.

Finally, we discuss how we are meant to transcend and include all the different stages, and use the best of each stages, to come to a more unified, inclusive church, life, and world.

I'm still at the beginning of this journey myself, and it's already blown my mind. I think Don's going to blow your mind too. 


For more on Spiral Dymanics check out SpiralDynamics.com & to understand stages of consciousness (which are all colour coded), go here, or download this PDF: 



Episode 45 | Jory Micah & Breaking The Glass Steeple Of Gender Equality

May 17, 2016

Jory Micah joins me today to share her own story, and discuss the important issue of gender inequality in the church today. We discuss her own vision, and what gender equality looks like for Jory in her day to day life, marriage and church. 

Jory then shares some practical steps we can take against patriarchy in our own churches or Christian communities, understanding the different perspectives on this issue, and finally offers genuine hope to those who are in the midst of this struggle in their own communities. 

Jory has such a passion & heart for this subject, and those who suffer as a result of patriarchy in the church and culture, and it really shines through in our conversation. It's really worth a listen. 


Jory blogs about this issue regularly at her site JoryMicah.com & is currently writing a book on this subject. You can follow her on Twitter at @JoryMicah

Episode 44 | Deconstructing Faith with The Deconstructionists

May 10, 2016

John Williamson and Adam Narloch, AKA The Deconstructionists join me today. John & Adam are two friends with a nerdy passion for discovery, deconstruction, grace, acceptance, authenticity and humble wrestling. They run a hugely successful podcast, 'The Deconstructionists' where they discuss this themselves & with guests. 

Today they share their story, and in the process we talk about faith, doubt, certainty, and how to hold our faith - even those things we are certain of - with open hands, so we can keep on growing & deepening our spirituality.

John & Adam are top dudes with great wisdom, insight and enthusiasm - join us today & you'll learn so much from them, as I did. 


(NB: Apologies, later on in the show we had an issues with sound quality - keep listening, it works itself out!)

Episode 43 | Alexander Shaia & The Four Stages Of Quadratos

May 3, 2016

Alexander Shaia joins me today to explore a revolutionary way of reading & understanding the gospels which he calls 'Quadratos' - a four fold journey of identity & transformation. 

We explore how this journey takes us back to Jesus as 'the' Christ, and opens us to read the gospels in the ancient & now restored sequence for Sunday worship - and as we do, to understand what these books really meant to those who read them.
Finally, we explore the four stages of the Quadratos journey:

First Path: How do we face change? - Matthew

Second Path: How do we move through suffering? - Mark

Third Path: How do we receive joy? - John

Fourth Path: How do we mature in service? - Luke

Join me and Alexander as we explore this journey - it could transform how you read & understand the gospels - and scripture itself - forever. 


Episode 42 | Lisa Delay & Ignatian Spirituality

April 26, 2016

Lisa Delay from the Spark My Muse podcast returns to James Talks today to talk about spiritual practices from what's called 'ignatian spirituality'. Lisa shares how these can help give us spiritual discernment and make wiser decisions about what we're going to do with our lives. 

You can find out more about this work in Lisa's book, 'Forked', which is available on Amazon now. Connect with Lisa at on Twitter at @LisaDelay or at her website www.LisaDelay.com. 

Episode 41 | ‘Science’ Mike McHargue on Becoming An Atheist & Rediscovering Jesus Through Science

April 19, 2016

Mike McHargue, from the 'Science Mike' & 'Liturgists' podcasts, joins me today and shares his powerful and deeply moving testimony, of how he lost his faith, became an atheist, and then rediscovered the way of Jesus in a whole new way - grounded in reason, science, logic...and wonder. 

We also talk about the fascinating interconnections between science and spirituality, and, the idea that how we were created scientifically, is connected to how we relate to God & should impact how we live in the world.

You won't want to miss this. 

Episode 40 | The Two Doctors: 3 Proven Secrets to Healthy Balance with Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas & Dr Theresa Larson

April 13, 2016

Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas & Dr Theresa Larson both return to the podcast today, as we discuss in more detail the three scientifically proven principles for a healthy balanced life, as Kate outlines in her book, 'Brave Strong True'.

Kate, Theresa and I discuss the three principles of social support, self-care and spirituality/religiosity, how they are key to our individual thriving, and how science shows their benefits to our lives. Kate & Theresa both have expert knowledge and wisdom in this field and they share some fascinating insights from their own knowledge and experience, on a topic which is potentially life changing. 

Dr Thomas' book, which outlines these principles in more details, is out now. And Dr Larson's new book 'Warrior', where she shares her own powerful journey (as she touched on in Episode 38 last week) was released only a week ago.

Episode 39 | Chasing Lovely Return - Creativity, Spirituality & Other Interesting Things (Wolfie Part II)

April 11, 2016

Chasing Lovely, the musical/creative duo of Chloe & Taylor Turner, return to James Talks today. They were my first ever guests, and appropriately enough, are my first returning guests. 

Today I catch up with the Taylor sisters, talk about their latest work, seasons of life both in work & creativity, why they are stopping touring for a while, and what lies ahead for them creatively. We also talk about the interesting & endless connections between spirituality and creativity. And of course, we have a lot fun too!

Episode 38 | Dr Theresa Larson on Wellness, Grief & Finding Our Inner Warrior

April 5, 2016

Dr Theresa Larson joins me today. Dr Larson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the founder of Movement Rx, a physical therapy and wellness company that offers support to wounded warriors and individuals with health and movement issues. She has just released her first book, a memoir called 'Warrior'

Today Theresa shares her own powerful story of overcoming grief and bulimia nervosa, how she overcome demands for perfection, in life, healthy, and career, and discovered a warrior spirit within herself In the process, she discovered the rhythms and science of what a healthy life, and person wellness, looks like - for both her, and all of us.

Dr Larson shares great practical advice, on personal wellness & some basic tips on how to live a healthier life, and discover our own inner warrior, even in the midst of struggle.


Episode 37 | Nish Weiseth on Mental Illness, Hope & Speaking Our Story

March 29, 2016

Nish Weiseth, author, speaker, mom & fan of Dr Pepper, joins me today. With great vulnerability, Nish shares her own powerful story, including her struggles with depression, and how this shaped both her faith & her creative life. 

Nish also shares how she discovered the incredible power of story to shape lives, and began a website as an expression of this. A site which took her on the path to a writing & speaking career, and writing a book 'Speak' on the power of story.

Nish is insightful, fun, down to earth and authentic, and has so much wisdom to share with us.

You can find more of Nish's work at nishweiseth.com

Episode 36 | Rob Bell Is Here!

March 22, 2016

Rob Bell, NYT Bestselling Author of Love Wins & several other books, international speaker, podcaster & former Pastor, joins me today. 

We discuss major events in Rob's spiritual journey (including a Midnight Oil concert), what hope is, and where he sees both culture and the church progressing in the coming years. 

We discuss in depth his new book 'How To Be Here' and what it means to be fully present in our own lives, how to create the life we want for ourselves & the world, sabbath, and why sometimes being true to your calling means staying in your crappy job.

Rob has so much wisdom and insight into living a meaningful, deeply spiritual life and it was such a blast to talk to him. Have a listen, and let Rob inspire you. 

You can find Rob's work (and yes, I think you should read/watch/listen to everything he's done) at RobBell.com

Episode 35 | Anita Wing Lee & The Soul Of Humanity Project

March 20, 2016

Anita Wing Lee, Periscoper, communicator & writer, joins me today to talk about a really important cause. The Soul Of Humanity is a book of stories, photos and creative work surrounding the story of refugee crisis, with all profits going to aid awareness and give direct support to the refugees themselves. 

Their project is on Kickstarter, and today Anita shares about the genesis of the project, it's importance, and invites you to contribute to this potentially life-saving project. 

Episode 34 | Shane Blackshear & Seminary Dropout

March 15, 2016

Shane Blackshear of the 'Seminary Dropout' podcast joins me today, to share his own powerful story of being a seminary dropout, then pastor & planting a church. He shares lessons he's learned about faith, and what led him to start his 'Seminary Dropout' podcast. 

We talk about what it really means to be a 'minister', the role of church & what 'church' really means, as well as the creative process & artistic integrity. 

Come & join us!

Episode 33 | Pete Rollins on Certainty, Critiquing Faith & Confronting Truth

March 8, 2016

Today philosopher, poet & theologian Pete Rollins & I discuss the problem of certainty in our spirituality & daily lives, why we need to critique our faith and how important it is to confront the truth of who we are to have true spiritual growth. 

We discuss Pete's 'Atheism For Lent' project and how it critiques Christianity, the idea of our faith as a magic trick with a pledge, a turn and prestige, our own holy ghosts, and also touch on Pete's vision & hope for the church. 

Finally, Pete and I talk about the political situation in the US right now, chronological snobbery, learning lessons from history and the bigger problems behind the surface of American culture.
It's one of the most fascinating, thought-provoking, challenging interviews you'll hear - Pete speaks with such wisdom, intelligence and grace. Come and join us.

Episode 32 | Andy Gray & The Karma Shema Drama

March 2, 2016

Today pastor & author Andy Gray shares his own powerful story, and talks about the revolutionary yet Biblical idea of Shema. 

Shema means to hear, and Andy passionately explains how God wants us to hear His call to live lives overflowing with God's love. A love which was to be on our lips every morning, and which we were to teach to our children, and to be creatively expressed in our daily lives.

Andy also discusses the creative process behind his book 'The Karma Shema Drama', and how he overcame dyslexia to write a book which has had an impact on many people around the world.

Episode 31 | Steve Chalke & A Vision For Inclusive Church

February 23, 2016

Today I host pastor, speaker & author Steve Chalke. Steve shares the powerful story of how Oasis Trust - a network of churches, schools and more - started and the impact it's had on individual's lives. He outlines his vision of what church can and should be, and what our part can be in that.

Finally, Steve speaks passionately and honestly about LGBT inclusion, how important is for the church and the world, and how we can begin to build a more inclusive church.
You can connect with Steve on Twitter at @SteveChalke. His church are running a conference about inclusive church - 'Open Church' - in central London soon. You can find out more about that & book tickets at the Oasis website.

Episode 30 | Repentance Part 2 - Turn & Return

February 18, 2016

Today is the second & final part of my series on repentance. In this episode I unpack the true meaning of the word 'repent' & reflect on what this might mean for us. Ending with a message of hope, and a challenge as to how we might respond.


This series part of this months #synCREATE theme of repentance.

Episode 29 | Repentance Part 1 - Archery & Living Out Of Tune

February 17, 2016

Today is the first of a two-part series on Repentance, unpacking & exploring sin, and what we really mean when we use that word. Because our understanding of sin is fundamental to understanding repentance.

This series is linked to this months #synCREATE theme of repentance.
Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 tomorrow!