Poema S3 002 | Laura Parrott Perry Wrote It Down

January 30, 2018

Today I'm joined once more by my dear friend Laura Parrott Perry, who has just released her first book 'She Wrote It Down'. Today she returns to the show and we discuss the book, the powerful and painful stories shared in it, and power of sharing our stories. 

Laura shares with great wisdom, insight and honesty, about how our stories will always tell themselves one way or another and about the choice we have to take control of our stories, by having the courage to share them - even if it's only with one other person.

Laura has a powerful, often painful testimony. I hope her story of healing and recovery from childhood sexual abuse, and alcoholism, will give you hope and inspiration to confront your own darkness, and find healing and redemption. Laura is one of the most courageous, and fiercely compassionate women I know, make sure you don't miss this episode (and then go buy her book!). 

**Trigger Warning: Alcoholism, Sexual Abuse** 


Poema S3 001 | Overcoming Perfectionism with Caroline McGraw

January 24, 2018

The Poema Podcast returns for a new series today as I interview writer & speaker Caroline McGraw. Caroline shares her powerful story about how she learned the damage perfectionism can do to our lives.

Caroline talks movingly about how she learned to break through the trappings of perfectionism and find a thriving joyful love beyond it - and how we can all do this too. 

Caroline speaks with such honesty, wisdom and humour, and is so inspiring - it was such a blast to talk to her, so take a listen.