Episode 37 | Nish Weiseth on Mental Illness, Hope & Speaking Our Story

March 29, 2016

Nish Weiseth, author, speaker, mom & fan of Dr Pepper, joins me today. With great vulnerability, Nish shares her own powerful story, including her struggles with depression, and how this shaped both her faith & her creative life. 

Nish also shares how she discovered the incredible power of story to shape lives, and began a website as an expression of this. A site which took her on the path to a writing & speaking career, and writing a book 'Speak' on the power of story.

Nish is insightful, fun, down to earth and authentic, and has so much wisdom to share with us.

You can find more of Nish's work at nishweiseth.com

Episode 36 | Rob Bell Is Here!

March 22, 2016

Rob Bell, NYT Bestselling Author of Love Wins & several other books, international speaker, podcaster & former Pastor, joins me today. 

We discuss major events in Rob's spiritual journey (including a Midnight Oil concert), what hope is, and where he sees both culture and the church progressing in the coming years. 

We discuss in depth his new book 'How To Be Here' and what it means to be fully present in our own lives, how to create the life we want for ourselves & the world, sabbath, and why sometimes being true to your calling means staying in your crappy job.

Rob has so much wisdom and insight into living a meaningful, deeply spiritual life and it was such a blast to talk to him. Have a listen, and let Rob inspire you. 

You can find Rob's work (and yes, I think you should read/watch/listen to everything he's done) at RobBell.com

Episode 35 | Anita Wing Lee & The Soul Of Humanity Project

March 20, 2016

Anita Wing Lee, Periscoper, communicator & writer, joins me today to talk about a really important cause. The Soul Of Humanity is a book of stories, photos and creative work surrounding the story of refugee crisis, with all profits going to aid awareness and give direct support to the refugees themselves. 

Their project is on Kickstarter, and today Anita shares about the genesis of the project, it's importance, and invites you to contribute to this potentially life-saving project. 

Episode 34 | Shane Blackshear & Seminary Dropout

March 15, 2016

Shane Blackshear of the 'Seminary Dropout' podcast joins me today, to share his own powerful story of being a seminary dropout, then pastor & planting a church. He shares lessons he's learned about faith, and what led him to start his 'Seminary Dropout' podcast. 

We talk about what it really means to be a 'minister', the role of church & what 'church' really means, as well as the creative process & artistic integrity. 

Come & join us!

Episode 33 | Pete Rollins on Certainty, Critiquing Faith & Confronting Truth

March 8, 2016

Today philosopher, poet & theologian Pete Rollins & I discuss the problem of certainty in our spirituality & daily lives, why we need to critique our faith and how important it is to confront the truth of who we are to have true spiritual growth. 

We discuss Pete's 'Atheism For Lent' project and how it critiques Christianity, the idea of our faith as a magic trick with a pledge, a turn and prestige, our own holy ghosts, and also touch on Pete's vision & hope for the church. 

Finally, Pete and I talk about the political situation in the US right now, chronological snobbery, learning lessons from history and the bigger problems behind the surface of American culture.
It's one of the most fascinating, thought-provoking, challenging interviews you'll hear - Pete speaks with such wisdom, intelligence and grace. Come and join us.

Episode 32 | Andy Gray & The Karma Shema Drama

March 2, 2016

Today pastor & author Andy Gray shares his own powerful story, and talks about the revolutionary yet Biblical idea of Shema. 

Shema means to hear, and Andy passionately explains how God wants us to hear His call to live lives overflowing with God's love. A love which was to be on our lips every morning, and which we were to teach to our children, and to be creatively expressed in our daily lives.

Andy also discusses the creative process behind his book 'The Karma Shema Drama', and how he overcame dyslexia to write a book which has had an impact on many people around the world.